Natural and artificial light shapes our experience of volume and architecture. Lighting design should underline the aesthetics of an area, and create the opportunities for various experiences.

In retail light can encourage integrity. In an office light can inspire to activity and communication. In a home it can lead to comfort and afterthought. In general it should contribute to valuable meetings between people. Lighting design combines aesthetic, technology and environment.


Our skilful team provides you with a wide platform, their different educations, experience and backgrounds able us to approach a project from many angles.

We are here to help you achieve inspirational lighting. Our passion is our work.


We wish to contribute with our involvement and genuine interest for good solutions. Every one of us hope to spread our enthusiasm and understanding for the common goal in the given project.


A light concept is often a very complex and technical delivery. In addition to the architect and the end user, it should be explained and described for everyone involved, from the company that pours the concrete, to the carpenter, the painter, and of course the installer.


We divide our projects in two categories depending on the help you want.


> adapted by


Products |

project based on our unique collection of light fixtures

Service |

full light design service with presentation, drawings, control schedule, mounting instructions

OM&D |

order management and product delivery as agreed


predefined project support


> tailored by


Products |

no limit thinking. Bespoke production mixed with standard collection. Integrity is in focus.

Service |

complete light scheme, production drawings, sampling, low scale detailing and 1:1 testing

om&D |

order management and product delivery as agreed


very close follow up and project support will be invoiced after elapsed time

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